The equipments for galvanic treatments are indispensable, both to guarantee an optimal result and to preserve the safety of the performers.

The solution is always contained in one tank, usually rectangular or for certain processes also circular, made of PVC and / or PP material. Then there are the anodes, attached to a metal bar, distinguishable into two categories: active, that is, they can be soluble (double-refined silver, double-refined copper, phosphorous copper, nickel, …) and then during the deposition “melt” in the bath releasing ions of the same type as the solution which will then be deposited at the cathode. Or inert, that is, insoluble or that only allow the passage of current but do not release any type of ions into the bath (platinized titanium, mixed oxides, …). If the anodes are of the soluble type, they must be placed with meraklon filter bags to prevent the dust, not yet in the form of an ion, from creating particulate that could cause problems in the deposit. Above the tank is located the cathode bar to which the frames with the pieces to be treated are hooked, provided, if desired, by longitudinal movement, which allows to reach the less affected areas of the cathode and to give a more uniform deposit.

In case the treated solution acts hot, it is necessary to install a heating system inside the tank, equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature. The solution is also agitated by a recirculation pump to preserve temperature uniformity, to which a filter system with polypropylene or paper filters is connected. Some baths also require air blowing which also guarantees a good mixing of the liquid and a homogeneity in the deposit. It is very important to equip the tank with a level sensor to prevent the liquid from decreasing too much to expose the products, action that can bring even heavy effects. In bathrooms that work continuously or with long deposits can be an equally fundamental element the automatic dosing system to replenish the bath, these baths in fact must maintain a constant concentration of their components to achieve the desired result. To support the pieces are used masked chassis, basically brass with hooks in harmonic steel. Last but not least, there is the rectifier, which can be normal or pulsed, the pulsed type changes the alternating current into direct current to return a wave that is as linear as possible.

In all electrical uses connected to the tank, i.e. rectifier, heater, cathode movement and pump, there is a differential switch to ensure operator safety in the event of electrical losses.

This text briefly summarizes the equipment that EUROTecniche recommends and offers to achieve optimal galvanic treatments, if you are interested in learning more or if you want an offer of one or more of these products you can contact us on, we will be happy to be able to respond to your requests!

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