Research and Development

Laboratory and instruments

EUROTecniche has within it a sophisticated laboratory equipped with analytical instruments with high technological content, such as to be able to best meet the needs of its customers including the plant ICP-OES that determines quantitatively and qualitatively the traces in the order of parts per million (ppm) of metals in solution, in suspension and total, present in the galvanic baths and in the wastewater of the goldsmith companies and not only. It also has an ATOMIC ABSORPTION (A.A.S.) which uses an analytical technique for the quantitative determination of metal ions in solution at concentrations lower than ppm.

Other instruments

Among the tools needed to provide a high-quality service the laboratory of EUROTecniche is also equipped with DIGITAL COLORIMETERS necessary to determine the color coordinates x and y in a chromaticity diagram to identify absolutely color and whiteness of metal deposits and a CHROMATOGRAPH that allows the reading of absorbance and transmittance of solutions through the use of visible UV rays at fixed wavelength.

The services of the laboratory

The laboratory is available to customers to assist and support them in the after-sales service that EUROTecniche guarantees with every sale.

The services available in the EUROTecniche laboratory:

  1. Analysis of metals in solutions.
  2. Analysis of water.

The laboratory is available to customers in all cases in which they need to contact outside their industry to carry out technical analysis on products including:

  • “Metal analysis” di campioni del cliente per manutenzione del bagno galvanico.
  • Development of new galvanic colours on request.
  • Recovery of exhausted metals: Rh, Pd, Au, Ag.

Precious metals quotation

Every price listed in the chart is valid on the current day, from 9.00am to 5.30pm (Rome time zone) from Monday to Friday (bank holidays and company closure excluded). Any quotation must be confirmed by our sales department.