Sustainability and social



Thanks to the continuous research and the willingness to do our part to protect the environment we have developed a wide range of Eco-friendly and cyanide-free articles. EUROTecniche has always been active in its path towards a more sustainable future, our strength is to offer the ideal product for every customer, directing it towards a solution that has the least possible impact on the environment that surrounds us.

Water Recycling

EUROTecniche has been engaged for years in the field of industrial water treatment and offers an in-depth study of the water cycle in the production process implementing effective plant solutions, designed for partial or total water reuse.

Circular Economy

Since resources on our planet are limited, we strongly believe that the circular economy is the most appropriate way for our future, both to give a more ethical sense to production, both to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact. To contribute to this phenomenon EUROTecniche has developed an industrial production service based on a closed recovery cycle, refining and production of precious metals and chemicals.


Eurotecniche is one of the founders of the association ELIOS of Bassano Del Grappa. Elios aims to develop medical-scientific projects by synergizing the local excellences of the health sector and the industrial world, through the dual social and entrepreneurial approach, to implement the public health service of the territory, making it more effective and innovative, in compliance with local, national,European and international health policies promoted by the World Health Organization.

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