Automatic plants

EUROTecniche has updated its commercial offer over the years also thanks to the implementations of the Industry 4.0. Among these are definitely the automatic systems CAB System, consisting of a mechanical arm that replaces the previous manual work of the operator. These innovative systems allow both direct communication with the company server and both a remote internet connection for real-time reading and management of galvanic processes. The CAB Systems also have a touch screen, simple and intuitive, where you can adjust the parameters and digitally view the movement of the machine.

Supply Chain

EUROTecniche has also over the years supported important investments in the internal logistics: implementing the efficiency of the production chain with a complete restructuring of the logic of storage and internal handling. All products are traceable via QR code and there is a total integration with the management software through the introduction of a vertical warehouse for the rapid supply of products in stock.

Precious metals quotation

Every price listed in the chart is valid on the current day, from 9.00am to 5.30pm (Rome time zone) from Monday to Friday (bank holidays and company closure excluded). Any quotation must be confirmed by our sales department.