Two-component Enamels

Two-component Enamels and Catalysts

EUROTecniche’s cold enamels represents the ideal product for decoration of different sizes and shapes objects All the bicomponent enamels by EUROTecniche are obtained mixing high-quality epoxy resins and proper catalysts. EUROTecniche’s catalysts are ideal hardener to ensure an optimal density and a perfect catalysis of transparent, opaque, mother of pearl, metal, fluo and glitter enamels on curves surfaces. To find out more, visit our catalog!


Enamels legislation

All the Eurotecniche’s enamels are heavy metals free and comply with the norm EN 71 part 3;1994 and appendix of 2000 and AC 2002.

Enamel Color Chart


Precious metals quotation

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