refining and cuppellation

Refining and Cuppellation

EUROTecniche Srl has developed appropriate solutions to requests from the gold sector and silversmith, designing a complete line ofequipment for recovery and refining of gold and silver.

The industry of jewelry, dynamic environment and attentive to the costs of production, requires meticulous control over the entire production cycle of the processed metal. The use of equipment and tools is therefore of paramount importance, so taled to analyze the materials efficiently and safely.

The know-how of EUROtecniche’s staff and the high technology of our systems help to reduce the content of impurities in metals, the main cause of defects in production (such as breakage, high oxidation and shrinkage porosity). The plants are easy to use and can be adapted to different volumes. Our staff provides excellent service pre and post sales, characteristics that distinguish EUROtecniche and that makes it the ideal partner of your company.

Precious metals quotation

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